Through our strategic planning process, we guide individuals and their families in formulating an intergenerational approach to wealth transfer including estate equalization, business continuance and charitable gifting. 

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Developing and implementing a corporate insurance portfolio is essential to ensure the future viability of your company.  Protecting both shareholders and key people of your business are crucial whether you are part of an established corporation or a start-up.  

To get ahead today both employees and employers require cutting edge benefit programs.  Our collaborative planning process allows for a win-win solution.

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Relationship Building is Key to Our Success

At BMG Financial we create, preserve & manage wealth for future delivery
Relationship Building is Key to Our Success!

We are a professional team who are fiercely independent with a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources to draw upon.

We believe each client; business or individual is unique, with their own specific needs. Our role is to help you to determine those needs, design a plan to meet them, and only then recommend, and implement your plan using the most appropriate financial products.

Latest News

Segregated Investment Funds

Segregated Investment Funds

Segregated Investment Funds, offered through insurance carriers, provide unique benefits guarantees, including death benefit and capital guarantees.

Alternative Minimum Tax changes are coming

Alternative Minimum Tax changes are coming

The 2023 federal budget introduced changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) system. Aimed at ensuring high-income individuals pay a minimum tax, the changes address concerns about minimal tax payments due to certain incentives.

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