Creative Strategies

Transfer your wealth tax free to the next generation

Turn a taxable asset into a tax-preferred or tax-free asset using individual and corporate life insurance strategies

Estate conservation

Fund estate taxes for pennies on the dollar using insurance plans that can be implemented using a zero net cost strategy.

Corporate wage loss replacement program

Turn non-deductible disability premiums into tax deductible premiums

Corporate Estate Bond

Capitalize on tax advantages available on certain insurance plans that offer a risk adjusted return on corporate investments that cannot be matched elsewhere in the marketplace.

Set up a “guaranteed” high yield income bond

Generate additional income at retirement while protecting your capital.


Personal & Corporate Insured Retirement Programs

These flexible tax-exempt insurance plans for your estate conservation also offer an interesting feature that can provide additional retirement income.

Premium-Free Life Insurance

Eliminate premium payments and own your policies outright for life.  

Review your existing coverage

Benefit from tax deductions by donating a policy to your favorite charity

A donation of an existing policy may result in a lump sum tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the policy as well as a tax deduction to the estate from the death benefit.

Relationship Building is Key to Our Success

At BMG Financial we create, preserve & manage wealth for future delivery
Relationship Building is Key to Our Success!

We are a professional team who are fiercely independent with a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources to draw upon.

We believe each client; business or individual is unique, with their own specific needs. Our role is to help you to determine those needs, design a plan to meet them, and only then recommend, and implement your plan using the most appropriate financial products.