Individual Insurance


Life insurance coverage is for limited terms or for the whole of life, each geared towards different needs with the common goal of protecting your financial security and providing peace of mind. Let us guide you through the process to determine which is best for you and your situation, whether you are interested in:

  • Preserving your estate for future generations
  • Providing income replacement to your family or business in case of death
  • Planning for retirement – how to leverage your permanent life insurance to supplement your retirement income.

Critical Illness INSURANCE

Critical Illness coverage ensures you have the financial support you need in case you’re diagnosed with serious conditions like cancer, stroke, or heart attack, allowing you to maintain the quality of life of yourself, your family, or your business.

This benefit is an excellent complement to a disability income replacement plan and is paid out in a ‘lump sum’ which provides financial reprieve for an individual or business and gives you the flexibility to return to work when you’re ready, rather than solely out of necessity.

Disability INSURANCE

Disability insurance coverage ensures that illness or injury doesn’t hinder your ability to support your family by replacing your income. Unfortunately 1/3 of all individuals will have a medium to long term disability from an accident or sickness before the age of 65. We can’t guarantee avoiding an accident or sickness however, we can ensure that you will never be economically disabled.


Relationship Building is Key to Our Success

At BMG Financial we create, preserve & manage wealth for future delivery
Relationship Building is Key to Our Success!

We are a professional team who are fiercely independent with a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources to draw upon.

We believe each client; business or individual is unique, with their own specific needs. Our role is to help you to determine those needs, design a plan to meet them, and only then recommend, and implement your plan using the most appropriate financial products.